8bitbatboi sent: You mentioned a designer of QR paths and posted all the qr codes for them, and the site, but it's all in Japanese, and I can't seem to be able to see any of the QR code paths, and I am also having a difficult time finding the whole set of each one. Can you help? :(

Hi there!

-You go to this site http://potofu66.blog.fc2.com/

-Then you will see this ->  TOP  PROFILE  Q&A  マイデザイン一覧

-Click this one (マイデザイン一覧) It means (My Design List).

-Then click any design you want to see.

-If you keep scrolling it shows all of the QR Codes for each design and also different colors the design comes in.

I hope this helps! If not feel free to ask me any questions! :D

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